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    The Vella Repeater site is centrally located between the Salmon and Main  Arms of Shuswap Lake and provides good coverage of the entire lake and  surrounding area, as well as offering good coverage into Vernon.


    The Queest repeater site is located on top of Queest Mountain near  Malakwa, and offers outstanding coverage of the Shuswap/ North Okanagan  area.


    The Yeoward repeater is located on Yeoward mountain east of Cherryville and offers excellent coverage of the Highway 6 corridor from Vernon to the Arrow Lakes and into the Nakusp area, as well as the area around Mabel and Sugar Lakes.  It also reaches into parts of the Shuswap area. Phone service is not yet available on the Yeoward repeater.



Monthly Rate

Usage Rate

Talkgroup on Vella, Queest or Yeoward  $30 $0.30/minute

Phone Service on Vella and Queest $15 $0.40/minute

    Phone service includes long distance to anywhere in North America at no  extra charge. However, operator assisted calls are subject to a service fee.

    Talkgroups include as many radios as you like. You are only charged more  for actual usage, not for just having more radios on the system.

    The talkgroup service also includes the phone service at no extra charge.        You only pay for any actual usage.